Few people know about Bulgaria, but many have read about poverty and fear the dangers which meet a traveller already at the airport. Others have visited Bulgarian beaches and tell you how wonderful they are. The truth is that Bulgaria is neither. It is not a dangerous place and it is not only a beach – but what is it, actually?

We at Lecti Adventure would like to challenge you: experience everyday life in Bulgaria for a minimum of two weeks and write about your experiences for our website.

See what it is really like to live in Bulgaria. Live like a Bulgarian in a small or mid-size town, in a block of flats, and share the day with locals and feel life around you.

Go shopping in the small market around the corner, sit down at the café and talk to people, cook your own Bulgarian food and make Bulgarian friends. Get acquainted with your neighbours and do everything like Bulgarians do.

We will find the apartment and help you with food recipes and some good advice, but you will create your own experience.

Does this sound attractive to you? Get in touch with us.