Bulgaria has a long, rich and varied food tradition – or more exactly, several traditions. One region is very different from the other and Bulgarians also eat according to season and availability of garden products.

Since the ancient Thracians wine has been produced and today you can make one long culinary trip or several shorter without repeating the menu and the wines. The long trip would take probably a year, so we suggest several shorter trips to different regions.

Seafood is fresh by the sea and trout from the rivers. In the Balkan Mountains you can enjoy vegetables and meats; the Rhodope Mountains are famous for potatoes and beans. In the plains the variety of bread and pastries is staggering, and for the sweet lover there is always traditional syrup desserts as well as modern hand-made sweets.

We organise tailored culinary trips to Bulgaria – let us know what you are interested in and we will combine the food, wines and cultural and historical sights into a travel package.

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