Some 3,000 years ago the fierce Thracians, an Indo-European people living north of the Black Sea, migrated to the Balkans – and began a new era. The Thracians were skilled horsemen and warriors and they founded prosperous kingdoms, which thrived until the Romans arrived.

The Thracians believed firmly in an afterlife and thought one should be well prepared for the new, happy life after the funeral. They built elaborate tombs and their treasures were buried with them. We visit the painted Thracian tombs near Sveshtari in northern Bulgaria and follow Thracian culture and history through the centuries in northern Bulgaria.

In Varna at the Black Sea coast we find a pre-Thracian treasure, the most ancient gold treasure in Europe, which dates back some 7,000 years and impresses with the great skill exhibited in the preparation of the jewellery and ornaments. We also get acquainted with later craftsmanship and goldsmith skills from the Greek, Roman and Byzantine as well as Ottoman periods.