Quality. Lecti Adventure aims at organising trips with good quality: security, punctuality, pleasant and smoke-free accommodation, interesting programme, kind and knowledgeable guides, tasty food and good wines. We focus on our guests. Open communication and flexibility are important for us. If you are dissatisfied with something, contact us immediately. We might also ask you at the end of the trip to fill in a feedback form. We are constantly working to improve our services.

What is included in the price?

  • Local transportation by bus or yacht
  • Air ticket, if indicated in the offer
  • Airport transfer, if you arrive by plane
  • Accommodation in a double room (single rooms are booked separately)
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch and dinner, if indicated in the offer
  • Guide
  • Programme as described in the offer
  • Entrance fees for museums etc.
  • Insurance for the group

Note! The programme might change before the trip. We send the current programme only to travellers who have signed up.

Sign up and personal information. When you sign up, we need: *Name *Telephone *E-mail *Date of birth *Citizenship *Postal address. Tell us also if you want a double or single room. Your personal information, except data necessary for hotel registrations, is not transmitted by Lecti Adventure to third parties and never used for advertising, except if you explicitly allow it. Your personal data is used only for purposes of processing your participation in the trip.

Payment. Please sign up early to ensure a place with the group. The price in the offer is guaranteed. We do not change our price after it has been published, except in extraordinary cases outside our control, such as tax changes in the destination country, about which we inform on our website and to our travellers as soon as possible. Full payment for your trip should reach us 5 weeks before the start of the trip. For yacht trips the final payment limit is 8 weeks.

Insurance. EU health cards are valid in Bulgaria and Romania, but please take a travel insurance. We provide all our groups with a collective insurance. No special vaccinations are needed for our destinations.

Visas and travel documents. EU citizens can travel with a valid passport or ID card to Bulgaria and Romania. Please make sure the document is valid for at least 6 months after your trip. Lecti Adventure does not take any responsibility for non-valid or other problems with personal travel documents. Citizens from outside EU please check with us for visa requirements.

Special diets or needs. Please inform us with the full payment (5 weeks before) if you need a special diet. We can arrange special meals for you without extra cost if you inform us early. If you have special needs or a medical condition, let us know. Most of our trips are suitable for all. If a trip includes difficult or long distances on foot, it will be noted in the programme.

Cancel the trip. If for some reason you cannot travel, the following conditions apply for land trips: Until 3 weeks before the trip we return the whole sum, if you have paid in full, excepting bank fees. Between 3 and 2 weeks before the trip we return 50% of the sum if paid in full, excepting bank fees. From 2 weeks before the trip until the start we do not return any payment. For yachts we repay 25% of the sum, if paid in full, until 3 weeks before the trip. After that we do not return any payment. If there are too few participants for the trip you have booked, we might cancel it. In that case we will fully reimburse you after payment, or if you want to join another trip, we can transfer the payment to it.

Travel advice and responsibility. Before the trip we send you detailed and practical information about the destination. Travellers are expected to behave correctly and with respect to local regulations and laws, and to follow the safety directions given by our guides during the trip. In all our destinations drunken behaviour is not accepted and smoking is allowed only outdoors and in specially designated areas. If a traveller disturbs the trip with disruptive behaviour, he or she can be removed from the group. In that case the traveller has forfeited all rights and is sent home at own cost. A traveller who has inflicted damage on another person or possessions is personally responsible for the consequences.

Force majeure situation. We hope that this will never happen – but just in case: If there is a force majeure situation, that is war, strike, riot, natural catastrophe or any other extraordinary circumstance beyond our control, we either reorganise the itinerary, suspend or cancel the trip for security reasons. Your safety is our priority and we inform you as soon as possible if there is a difficult situation. Check before the trip your Foreign Ministry’s website about travel recommendations and note their telephone number and the phone and address of your embassy in the country you travel to. In force majeure situations Lecti Adventure is free from liability.

In case of disagreement, Bulgarian laws apply. These conditions are published in June 2015 and can be changed at any time without further notice.