The region of Veliko Tarnovo is known for a bitter wine, pelin, flavoured with wormwood, chief ingredient also in the French absinthe.

Located on the Yantra River, Veliko Tarnovo was the capital of medieval Bulgaria and today attracts many tourists with its unique architecture. On Tsarevets, the King’s Hill, the palace of the king and churches have been partially restored.

South of the town near the small, picturesque town of Elena, we visit a special vineyard where modern meets tradition – European standards and traditional methods are used for preparing rich-tasting wines which are suitable for fine dinners and wine collections.

In the town of Elena one of the first teacher seminars was founded and also the 19th-century cultural and economic flourishing can still be seen in the town’s architecture.

On the plain north of Veliko Tarnovo lies the town of Suhindol (“Dry Valley”), where red and white wines are produced between the Balkan Mountains and the Danube River, a landscape which gives the wines a specific taste.

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