South-eastern Bulgaria is characterised by a rich, black soil and a varied climate, which are favourable for wine production. Surrounded by mountains and the Black Sea, this area is a perfect place for growing red and white wines, going more towards white wines at the coast.

At the Black Sea coast Pomorie offers not only a unique spa with salt baths, but also a long tradition producing a wide range of wines. South of Pomorie is the small town of Nesebar, one of the first Greek towns at the Black Sea coast and a UNESCO World Heritage site with traditional architecture and medieval churches.

In the area of Karnobat west of the town of Burgas, wine has been grown for centuries and this was one of the main regions for 19th century vineyards. On the southern foothills of the Balkan Mountains the vineyards thrive and grow. Taste the wines and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the fine traditions of Bulgarian wine production!

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