South of the lofty Balkan Mountains the soil is rich and the climate mild and sunny. Vineyards climb the foothills along the picturesque roads originally built by Romans. Nowadays this is the main route from the capital Sofia to Burgas at the Black Sea coast and there are many stops for the friends of wine and history.

Wine has been produced in the region since ancient times, at least Thracian some 3,000 years ago. The region includes the Sungurlare Valley, famous for its grape called Red Misket. Nearby is the famous Rose Valley near Kazanluk, where also roses are used for producing wine and tasty grapes are cultivated.

At Starosel we visit a Neolithic settlement and Thracian city and a vineyard which offers a wide range of wines. The area is famous for the beautiful landscapes and great opportunities for outdoor sports, especially hiking, paragliding and mountain climbing.

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