In the south, Bulgaria borders Turkey and Greece. These three countries meet at the lower Maritsa River. Here passed the trade routes to Constantinople – Istanbul – and here it is said that Orpheus wandered in the forests and Dionysus arranged his wine celebrations.

Along this mostly calm river several cities have been built during the past millennia, including one of the most ancient inhabited settlements, Philippopolis (today Plovdiv), and wine has been grown since the beginnings of history. There are several Thracian sites and a Roman villa as well as a medieval fortress in the area.

The climate is hot and suitable for red grapes, Merlot, Cabenet Sauvignon and the special Bulgarian sort of Mavrud. Many wine growers prefer this area to any other in Bulgaria due to the climate and the fertile soil. Also in the nearby lowly Sakar Mountains, where the micro-climate is very special with winds from the Mediterranean, heavy red wines are produced and here also bison roam.

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