The region of ancient Philippopolis, now Plovdiv, is rich in unique Bulgarian wine varieties. The most famous is Mavrud, a dark red, heavy wine which is grown only in Bulgaria near Asenovgrad south of Plovdiv.

Plovdiv is one of the oldest continually inhabited settlements in Europe, dating back to the Neolithic. As a Thracian city it was conquered by the Romans, who left several traces, including a large theatre and a stadium which can be visited.

Plovdiv is a famous tourist destination and also serves as a gateway to many other points of interest. The town boasts an active cultural life and many international and local events. In 2019 it will be European Capital of Culture.

Around Plovdiv there are several vineyards with attractive wines for tasting and a broad wine production, mostly red wines which thrive in the sunny and warm climate of the area. We taste them together with locally produced cheeses, bread and fruit.

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