Two harvests of grain and vegetables are possible in some parts of the Thracian Valley, which stands for some of the richest wines in Bulgaria.

Pamid is a popular grape, possibly with roots in Thracian wine production some 3,000 years ago and still grown in Bulgaria. This is a red wine classic, with a pleasant, light and fruity taste, but somewhat hard to find today except in the Thracian Valley south of the Balkan Mountains.

Kazanluk in the famous Rose Valley hosts not only roses, used in cosmetics and wines, but also one of the oldest Neolithic settlements in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage site – a painted Thracian tomb. Wines are grown on the foothills of the Balkan Mountains and on the plains.

East of Kazanluk is the town of Sliven with its Blue Cliffs, another major wine producing area with strong, red wines and spectacular rocks and view of the Balkan Mountains.

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